The 6 Best and Worst Halloween Candies for Your Teeth

Halloween means trick-or-treating fun, spooks, and treats. However, it also means buckling down on dental health to be sure that the many treats received from neighbors, friends, and family.

Here are 3 bad candies and 3 good candies to watch out for when your children are going through their Halloween loot. Watch out for yourself as well to keep your dental health pristine, too. Have the whole family visit your local cosmetic dentist regularly for teeth cleanings in between enjoying tasty holiday treats.

The 3 Tooth Decay Offenders

1. Sour Candies
Sour candies such as gummy worms, Sourheads, and Sour Patch Kids have citric acid in them to cause your eyes to shut tightly and your lips to pucker from consuming them. The citric acid alone can damage your teeth when sitting on them for too long.

2. Powdered Confections
Think Pixy Stix and Fun Dips. These powdered confections cause a sugar rush in kids and adults alike that eat them. Since they are made of pure sugar, powdered candies can break down the enamel on your teeth over time and cause cavities.

3. Candy Corn
While candy corn is the quintessentially themed Halloween candy, it is also one of the confections with a high sugar content. A serving of Brach’s candy corn is 15 pieces and there are 22 grams of extra sugar per serving. Eat candy corn sparingly!

The 3 Tasty Treats for Healthy Teeth

4. Dark Chocolate Bars
Yes, dark chocolate is an acquired taste, but if you can get your kids hooked on it in moderation, you will feel much better whenever they eat chocolate in general. Dark chocolate contains many healthy nutrients and antioxidants that boost your immune system and reduces the chance of contracting heart disease.

Plus, chocolate in general is a candy that can be easily scrubbed away when brushing your teeth. Your Salisbury dentist can guide you on proper teeth brushing techniques to remove all the candy off your teeth.

5. Sugar Free Gum
Look for sugar free gum with the ingredient called xylitol. It is a healthier sugar than it’s substitute, sorbitol. Xylitol is a natural sugar that reduces the likelihood of plaque building up on your teeth. The sugars in sugar free gum brands such as Mentos, Trident, and Orbit do not stick to your teeth as readily as candies that contain standard table sugar.

6. Granola Bars with Nuts
Granola bars with nuts such as Kind brand bars are great to hand out to kids as a candy alternative. The honey mixed with the large nuts in the bar make it easier to chew and distribute the food throughout your mouth more healthily than regular candy. Plus, you receive a balanced intake of fiber, protein, and healthy fats whenever consuming a granola bar.

Ready, Set, Brush!
In between enjoying delicious Halloween treats, be sure the whole family brushes at least twice per day. Contact our Salisbury dentist to make a dental cleaning appointment today!

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