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Dentures in Salisbury, NC

Salisbury Family Dentistry Dentures

Dentures allow you to chew the foods you like, communicate without fear, and carry yourself with confidence.

We’ve all seen the popular cartoon gaffe wherein an elderly person’s teeth fall into their food, or pop out when they laugh or shout. While these depictions are fine for jokes on T.V., they tend to mislead the public about what modern dentures are and can do. The truth is that today’s dentures are much more discreet and much more stable than those that existed in the past. As long as your dentures are well-fitted, they should never move or shift while you are talking, chewing, or laughing. They are comfortable, functional ways to improve your smile and restore your quality of life.

Just One Call Can Change Your Life!

When patients are missing many teeth or all their teeth, every part of their lives are impacted. If you qualify for dentures, you might:

  • Struggle to chew your favorite foods, especially healthy, crunchy foods like apples and celery.
  • Have digestion and dietary issues due to the chewing issue above.
  • Suffer from a speech impediment, which prevents you from communicating as well as, or as much as, you could.
  • Suffer from low self-esteem, which may prevent you from speaking up and making your opinions heard.

You can probably see the point we are trying to make. If you make the decision to get dentures, your entire life can change with just one phone call to our office!

Types of Dentures

Our Salisbury cosmetic dentists can’t wait to help restore your smile and your confidence. We are experienced in the placement of two main types of dentures, complete dentures and partial dentures, as well as bridges, which are often another potential solution for replacing missing teeth.

  • Complete Dentures: Used to replace a full row of lost teeth.
  • Partial Dentures: Used for people who have lost several, but not all, teeth.

Bridges: If you have two healthy teeth on either side of a gap, your dentist may be able to insert a false tooth, called a pontic, that is held in place by the abutment teeth on either side of it.

Whether you need dentures or not, our dental team will review all available treatment options so that you can select the best option for you. Call our friendly staff today to schedule your appointment!

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