5 Tips to Help A Child Who Has Trouble Brushing Their Teeth

Oral hygiene is equally important for children as it is for adults. A visit to a general dentist from time to time is also crucial. Kids might find it a challenge to brush their teeth due to some reasons. For instance, the brush can be too hard for their sensitive dentition. Parents can utilize the following tips to ensure that their kids brush their teeth.

1. Use the Right Toothbrush

According to Salisbury dentists, kids’ toothbrushes can motivate them to practice oral hygiene. Parents can choose the ones that have themes that children prefer, such as cartoons or drawings. The brush should also be gentle so that the kid doesn’t experience any pain.

2. Promise a Reward

Promising the child a reward once they brush their teeth can work magic. For example, you can read them a bedtime story before bed or let them watch a favorite show. The kid will always bear in mind that something incredible is waiting for them after they clean their dentition.

3. Turn Brushing into a Game

Parents can make brushing fun by playing a child’s favorite song. A general dentist also recommends that you tell them an interesting story as they clean their teeth. This way, brushing will be part of their fantastic activities other than a tedious exercise.

4. Set an Excellent Example

Children love emulating what their parents do at home. On that account, the kid, together with the mum and dad, can all brush and floss their teeth simultaneously.

Encouraging children to copy your moves when brushing is also an effective method to make them clean their teeth. The child will grow up knowing that oral health is essential. Taking them on an appointment to a local dental office during your appointment eliminates fear and anxiety.

5. Look for Sensitivity

A child can refuse to brush teeth due to pain or sensitivity that they feel. Parents can check for sensitivity or take the kid to one of the Salisbury dentists for examination. For example, children with attention disorders and autism are utterly sensitive, making oral care a hustle.

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